Q: Does BRONCHI-LYPTUS contain aspirin ?


A: No, BRONCHI-LYPTUS does not contain in any proportion.



Q: Can I take other medication and still take BRONCHI-LYPTUS ? 


A: Yes, but it is recomended that you do ask physician about the possible effects of                      taking BRONCHI-LYPTUS along with other mediaction.           



Q: Can I take BRONCHI-LYPTUS and drive ?


A: Yes



Q: Can I drink alcohol after taking this product ?


A: Yes



Q: Can I give BRONCHI-LYPTUS to my children and if so how young ?


A: Doctors have been recommending BRONCHI-LYPTUS cough medicine for over 100              years. Just follow directions on the box.        



Q: If my cough/cold/flu symptoms continue for more than 2 days what                    should I do ?        


A: It is recomended that you see your doctor as soon as possible.



Q: Can I give BRONCHI-LYPTUS cough drops to my children ?


A: Yes, but check with your physician first.


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